Review of Bdellium Tools Professional Antibacterial Makeup Brushes

Maestro Series Complete 12-pc. Brush Set with Roll-up Pouch

From its physical appearance it looks fancy and elegant. Design for more formal wearing and inspired from noble women fancified with diamond beads and jeweled lacing all in black. This professional mark all-inclusive basic 12 piece makeup brush set is for flawless and stylish application. A luxury line of set created for professional makeup artist who require themselves to have a highest quality Bdellium tools brushes.

Made from nickel plated brass ferrule gives shinier, hard wearing material than other aluminum ferrules with antibacterial protective shield against fungus, mold and bacteria, bristle made from synthetic and natural fibers, built in black lacquered handles from birch wood makes the Bdellium Tools brushes so out of the ordinary. It really is the hand crafted beauty of first rate greater quality substance. It also comes with the roll up storage space pouch black at the outside and brown inside. The Maestro Series professional makeup kit consists of 12 well defined brushes considered necessary from base and priming function to finish for both eyes and face.

Maestro Series Complete 12-pc. Brush Set with Roll-up Pouch

Brushes set include:

  • 980M Natural Powder Brush, naturally soft and no tussle perfect for powder products but shed a little hair out of it.
  • 964M AP Blusher Brush, for applying blushes and distributes even powder on the face.
  • 955M Finishing Brush, a dense and fit for overall coverage of foundation this brush has white stippling at the tip good for application of bronzers and blushes.
  • 948M Foundation Brush can be used with damp brush for applying foundation evenly in your entire face. It’s very soft and best for powder and liquid produce.
  • 942M Slanted Contour Brush, smaller and slanted brush suited for contouring the cheeks with the bronzer that defines the line of your jaw.
  • 785M Tapered Blending Brush, it picks up accurate amount of the product with smaller size, much better in blending color for the eye shadow.
  • 780M Pencil Brush, soft and flexible can reach small areas without difficulty and does pretty good in applying eye shadow.
  • 778M Large Shadow Brush, works well with the blending, less dens.
  • 772M Small Shader Brush, is for tiny bits application of the eye shadow.
  • 763M Small Angle Brush, is ideal for applying makeup to the eyes precisely with angled shape, creates a perfect line.
  • 710 Eye Liner Brush, a time saver brush with the good precision and compactness it works easier for perfect eyeliner.
  • 540M Precision Liner Brush, works better than the angled liner with much accurate application.

Also this Maestro Series brush set comes with the roll up train pouch, very stylish and sleek that carries the 12 pieces of brushes. The bottom line is that even though the Bdellium Tools – Maestro Series Brush Set is not economical when it comes to its price. This is much expensive compare to other Bdellium set of tools. But for those who doesn’t want to sacrifice the quality it is worth the penny you paid for what you are getting.

Many have said that this is the nearly the most perfect makeup kit because it is a complete set for a whole look makeup from start to finish. With the antibacterial aspect it also gives you an excuse to not wash them frequently for its keeps them cleaner for a longer amount of time. Especially when you plan to use it to your clients it is better to make sure that your brushes are clean and free from any kind of dirt and germs.

You can’t help but some of your clients may be prone to skin problems and you don’t want to risk your career ruin by single brush that you forgot to wash and keep it clean. So it is important though not necessarily that your makeup kits are antibacterial just wash them with shampoo or soap where you think it will kill those bacteria out of your brushes.

Aside for this factor, it is not required to have a branded makeup kits to be in the hype as long as you know which products have the best quality and can perform the same as any other it is alright just give your client a satisfying look that they wish they never want to wash their face. It’s all about the skills, the knowledge and the guts and when you have that altogether you’re a bomb! Everyone will want to be your client and every makeup artist wish to be like you and that is most successful career you will ever had.

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