Have you ever imagine in the world of cosmetics and makeup’s to have considered the fact that in every human creation there has always a contradicting effect in the our natural possessions? Honestly, who would have thought that bamboo can contribute an excellent help in cosmetic industry. This may be a little bit unusual for a makeup brushes to color it all green. Why green by the way? There’s so many color in the world, you could use some of it or better combine it with other color to look more fab and eye catchy.GREEN BAMBU SERIES SMOKY EYES 5-PC. BRUSH SET

 It only comes to mind that green wasn’t bad after all because of course it came from green bamboo series which the way you look at the bamboo they look more relax and cool. This Bamboo 5 piece brush set is a professional eco-friendly makeup brush ever made. All handles are sustainable bamboo and all vegan soft synthetic bristle with anodized aluminum ferrule. This bristle used in Green Bambu series are not treated with an antibacterial agent so its hundred percent cruelty free and hypoallergenic. It will not harm those who have a sensitive skin. It is stated that Bamboo is the most sustainable wealth that environment has to offer and fast growth cycle it can be harvested with nearly no burden to the surroundings.

The Bdellium tool brushes have two lines of vegan brushes the Yellow Bambu and the Green Bambu. In case you are still stranger to Bdellium tools, these are the most economical makeup and most affordable, wander away those animal bristles that always shed off every time you used it. This professional makeup brushes will set you off the right start with good quality and a great deal that cause just a little less for one brush. Put in mind that when searching for a better makeup brushes everyone is looking for new reasons and functions to adore certain products and that will keep them interested. Compare to other brand of professional makeup brushes they label their brush according to their usage while the Bdellium Tools does not limit their usage in terms of their names because a lot of the people are unsure and confuse on how to apply various brushes.

These green makeup brushes are certainly works for evening occasions with those smoky eyes that usually women wants to wear and very popular makeup look. There is one way to achieve this look with this professional Bdellium eco-friendly tool.

For a start using the #781B the Crease Brush use to sweep and blend a light shadow into the crease. This usually fits with the eye because is not too large like the others it brings the airbrushed effect to the eye. Next one is the #777B Shadow Brush known also as Flat Paddle Brush use for packing on color, this brush picks right amount of color and share out evenly no matter what shape and size your eye lid is and ideal for heavy application.

For bottom lash line you will need the #716B Smoky Eyeliner Brush. You won’t believe that the firmness of this brush every single time of use will not affect it and still remain the same form from the moment you purchased this brush. The way you want it your eye looks like will end perfectly intact. The #760B the Liner or Brow Brush is not simply good for liner but because that it has an angled shape it is also good for filling in your eyebrows.

This tiny flat brush will let you use for lip tars for very precise application in judgment. Then, the last brush in the set is the #769 Angled Contour Brush, this highly recommended use for contouring the eyes and nose. This specific shape has only seen in the last two years and this is very rare. The remarkable V – shaped oppressive eye look can be attained for messing the color in the outer side of the eye using this brush and also if you desire to have a highlight at peak of your brow bone.

Aside from its immeasurable function, these brushes have extremely distinct characteristic like short lightweight handles which gives you an extra control, easy to hold and easy to carry. This series of Bdellium Tools consider being a genuine need in the market for advanced quality Eco-Friendly brush, design for either special or personal use and for professional makeup artist. This collection of wonderful lining and blending tools is the ultimate package for whole eye makeup and for any occasion.

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