Beauty advice to assist you Turn out to be your personal Elegance Expert

What can be worse than a woman with layers of makeup on her face?

A woman is more beautiful with her natural beauty. To enhance the humanly features makeup is best thing, they can wear up moderately. Overdone makeup becomes sluggish and artificial pondering zero value to the natural beauty of a girl or woman. One should not wear makeup on a regular basis which can take away the sense of surprise look on special occasions. Additionally it damages your skin and makes your appearance poorer with heavy side effects. I would like to share some of the beauty advices to assist you for turning out to be your personal elegance expert.

Make sure whenever you try to chase the aura of being beautiful; use makeup to enhance and level up your natural beauty not to cover it with its layers and cake look. People, with whom you roam around and live, want to see your face not the over exaggerated look of you. Makeup is good for photos giving your appearance as princess but in routine days your way should be simple and lightly enhanced with makeup. As we know opposites attract, so will a female get aware that men like fresh faces or the realness of you.

There can be list of makeup items women keep in their bags but essential must have are those which can regenerate the originality in you.

Beauty advice to assist

So girls! Do you know which must have you need to take up?

Well, start with long lasting high volume mascara with you to lengthen your lashes originally; instead of having false lashes which are a mere waste of time and your money. The hanging lashes propelling to live up on your eyes make your looks shoddier, so simple mascara goes well with your natural lashes.

I am true advocate of using a gloss, lipsticks or blend of both, of neutral color rather than colors which are dark or very light not making chemistry with your complexion. For regular days it is more advisable and suggested that you wear lip gloss and avoid chapping sticks through which a soft look of lips can be shown.

Eyeliner can add value to your overall appearance and make it more glistening but avoid the thick liner lines that give exaggerated look. Use black or brown colored eyeliner for a dramatic effect and enjoy the subtle use of it. This is the great way to be more natural though wearing makeup.

Do not burden yourself with the artificiality of foundation unless there is a special event at night. Use always the powder brush and sweep it over your face to avoid your skin from unwanted shinny effects. Heavy makeup should not be on your wish list if you are a sweater.

The tip of all here is maintaining the well groomed eyebrows stating your updated fashion line. Comb your brows with specially created brush/comb for putting them in a uniformed shape. Bushy and frazzled brows ruin the facial expression and you do not look clean & nice.

Following these tips will make you, your personal elegance expert! So go this way.

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