Be Instantly Beautiful With the New SHANY COSMETICS NY Collection Pro Brush Kit

No one wants to be not-so-pretty even for a day. Women search and try on every cosmetic item they can see to test which one will definitely be appropriate for them. Different items have been developed and in line with it, many tools that can be used for them were created as well. One of the important things that have been developed to use every makeup item maximally is the brush.New SHANY Cosmetics NY Collection Pro Brush Kit

Brushes are used to apply makeup on your face. It has different sizes and texture that are used specifically to create your desired look. The numbers of types of brush are so many that a woman can have a hard time looking for all of them. Hence, there is a new collection for every woman that can surely make their makeup sessions easy and make them more beautiful. The freshest collection in the world of cosmetics, SHANY Cosmetics NY Collection Pro Brush Kit, is now available in every cosmetic store.

The NY Collection Pro Brush Kit is a first-class line of SHANY cosmetic brushes. Back in 2011, these SHANY brushes were designed and manufactured using materials that are considered the best in their category. Also, the factory in which they were manufactured were considered high end due to the high technology that it uses.

All of the SHANY makeup brushes were anti-bacterial brushes. This was assured by having them rinsed with chemicals that are on-toxic to the skin.  Aside from that precaution, the brushes underwent a series of heating process, 3 times each, to get the desired high quality brushes.

Every NY Collection Pro Brush Kit consists of 22 SHANY brushes. The difference between the brushes lies on their specific materials and on their pouches. One can choose from SHANY cosmetics brush that is either firm or soft and natural or synthetic. It is also equipped with a travel pouch for you to easily carry it wherever you may go.

Because all of the SHANY makeup brushes were treated professionally, the fibers of each brush distribute the appropriate quantity of pigment of a makeup every time you use it. It results to perfection in every make up job that one does. The NY Collection Pro Brush Kit includes a foundation brush, huge powder brush, concealer brush, large fiber brush, large and small angled brush, fan brush, angled eyeliner brush, blending brush, pencil brush, liner brush and shader brush. All of these brushes can cover all the types and techniques that are done for makeup. One will have the complete set of SHANY cosmetic brush and will not worry about doing a certain technique. The wide variety in this collection is very helpful if you are in the cosmetics world.

As said in several SHANY brushes review, the NY collection takes account of all of the things that one needs in order for them to have a flawless look. The premium line of SHANY brushes is considered to be the best and the most complete when it comes to this industry. Each brush has the mixture of firm and soft hairs that will surely be enjoyed by everyone. It travelling pouch is much secured as it comes with clasps that are magnetic in nature. The pouch is a lilac crocodile pouch which gives more style and professionalism. Also, there is small storage that is for storing your makeup inside the pouch.

After purchasing one of the NY collections, every consumer will have 30 days free trials. You can try them and you will see how it can make applying makeup easy and hassle-free.

After using the SHANY brushes, you have to rinse them off by using water and soap. After which, dry the brushes within 15 minutes and you can use them again.

The SHANY cosmetics reviews have rated this product a 4.5 out of 5. This rating shows how many people have actually seen how great this product is. Aside from the critics and testers, every customer who has purchased the NY Collection has agreed that indeed, it is one of the most complete collections for them. Not only that, the texture of every brush is important for them and they actually commend this product for its great texture.

Being beautiful is important to women. They should not only get the proper makeup products for them but they also need how to apply them properly. Even if you know the technique, you should also have the right brushes to do it. The NY Collection Pro Brush Kit would definitely be the answer for your desired high premium line of brushes.


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