Sigma Beauty Travel Kit – Make Me Classy Review

It’s blushing, cool, crazy and classy! The professional makeup kits collection you’ll ever find that’s all in one pack. When it first release a lot girls gone crazy especially those who are one of the contenders in the world of makeup and when you say “crazy” I think you know what I meant by that. For an individual that having a dilemma venturing out and searching for tremendous essential beauty brushes you don’t have to be like a professional to have one of these essential kits because for beginner or for an amateur makeup artist it is also applicable. All you need is the passion. Passion that comes along with the skills and knowledge and mixed with a never ending learning and practice it will work just the way you picture it.

Here is the tool you need to try out to look fabulous and always on the go. Sigma essential kit invented a new makeup kit for women.  It consist 12 stylish and professional makeup brushes and a container which you can use it also as travelling storage if you are working on the field.  This professional makeup brush set is very capable and handy so whenever you feel you want to use it you won’t need to worry at all.

For Eye shadow: the Sigma brush kit has five brushes well-matched for a professional like application. The Pencil E30, Tapered Blending E40, Eye Shading E55, Large Shader E60 and the Medium Angled Shading E70 are brushes you will want to use for your eye shadow application. These brushes are very unique in shape and you can use it based on the size of your eyes. Usually this professional makeup brushes are drawn on peak, base and center approach where highlight is first apply.

Sigma E60 – Larger Shader is quite fine size to just sweep up a base color in your eye lid. This is very ideal for cream formulas and shadow primers application because of its flat shape and it also works with baggy eye shadows or pigments. If trying to have an intense color on the eye lid the Eye Shading or E55 brush are perfectly to use. It’s soft and thick natural bristle can place an even application color across the entire lid. And if you want to have variety of colors on your lid use the edge of the brush for the accurate placement of the desired color.

For more transition colors in the eye: Sigma E40 or the Tapered Blending is completely the right brush. Using its tips to apply its color and brush it back and forth to blend the color on the crease you can already create a bridge to connect to colors together that matched your skin tone shade. For a perfectly application of a darker shades and highlight shades base the eyebrow and on the middle corners the Medium Angled Shading or E70 function better than any other. Many girls prefer this to use to contour their nose. The E30 or the Pencil is suitable for the application of color on the upper lash and lower lash line. This pencil use to have a much darker look in the crease and can achieved another extra smokiness and awesomeness in the eye.

For Eyeliner: The tools you need are the E05 Eye Line and the E65 Small Angle brushes. It will save your look for the day. With the Small Angle brush you can be very precise to draw your eyeliner or fill in your brows. It is easier to have a stylish liner look using this E65 and it works compatibly well with the gel liners because it has a good amount of thickness and rigidity. As for E05 it softens, add shadow and smoke out lines.  This extra fined tipped artificial fiber brush brings an accurate, solid, and even stroke to the eye lines. This is also great for turning a shadow into a liner.

Sigma Beauty Travel Kit - Make Me Classy review

Sigma Beauty Travel Kit – Make Me Classy

For Foundation: the best way to use is Duo Fibre F50 and Foundation Brush F60. This F60 is can be made by synthetic bristles or natural hair depending upon your choice. This is basically use by applying moisturizing cream and conceal wide areas in your face. Normally, the synthetic brushes are better for cream and liquid based products while the natural hair bristles are most excellent for powder products. The F50 Duo Fibre brush is designed to make an airbrushed touch when using a liquid foundation. This is mix together of natural and synthetic bristle that perfectly leaves an even coverage when applying cream or liquid foundation.

For Face: the Large Powder F30 and Large Angled Contour F40 are brushes are the very suitable for powder application. This brush gives even application around the face and body. Powdering the bridge of your nose, between your eyebrows and ideal for contour and blush in the cheek.

For Concealer: F70 Concealer Brush use to conceal the below of the eye area with flat, tapered, and round shape designated for small and not easy  to reach  area such as around the nose and under the eyes. But with this brush it can and it looks splendid for applying the shimmer pigments or the cream shades with a clammy brush.

Soon enough using this Sigma Makeup Brushes will put you in the hype but for a starter getting use to this makeup will give you a satisfying experience because you just don’t learn you also understand the importance of its quality.

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