Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Technically, it isn’t but literally it is. If you want to be closer to one person it always the look in the eyes will do the job not the first talk but the first look. To have that kind of alluring look we girls know the remedy. It will start with eye of course, enhancing it and giving it some shade and color and your eyes will shine like a diamond. Gladly, there’s the Sigma Makeup Kit, with this improvement eye brush have distinct characteristics that can pull out the expression of your eyes. This Sigma Eye Kit consists of 7 brushes with a professional touch for the eye, an ideal for overall eye makeup. This Sigma Brush Kit is like a prize in the contest, just the thing for applying, blending and shading products. Necessary for creating sophisticated looks that would allow to add a little and defined detail to your eye makeup.SIGMA EYES KIT

There’s a different variety included in Sigma eye brushes, so that you will have a wide range of choices to choose from that will perfectly fit with your eyes. The Sigma E05 or the Sigma Eye Liner Brush it creates a smooth and constant line, great use for precisely applying liquid eyeliner. It’s a firm pointy brush for fixed lines of upper and lower lash lines and does not suck bristles out of it and can use with gel or cream liner. So you can design every detail of your eyes and put some artistic effects.

The Pencil or the Sigma E30 this is good for applying eye shadow or highlight to the inner and outer corner of the eyes and also good for smudging out lower lash line for a smoky effect. It is also becoming softer pencil liners and it’s flexible enough to bend. To easily achieve the elaborate look you want. The Sigma E40 or Tapered Blending Brush, a must have eye shadow brushes look like a broom brush with its round and soft bristles. Often use to apply loose powder on eye lids just using its tips to put some color and then strut it back and forth for subtle and blended touch.

The Eye Shading Brush or Sigma E55, the natural bristles that pick up a full amount of color place across the entire lid for a constant and deep color application of the product. It is also used for applying highlighters because the bristles are not harsh nor too squashy or weak.

The Larger Shader Brush or known as the Sigma E60, it covers the whole lid with the product. It is easier to use than the E55 but for shadow base only or for applying pigments if not for swift and even tone of eye shadow coverage. This naturally bristles does not pick up much color and this is the much softer brush. The Sigma E65 or the Small Angle Brush, a little thick synthetic bristle use for filling up eyebrows and creates straight lining. It can use with powder, gel and cream products for upper and lower lash lines. The Medium Angled Shading or the Sigma E70, the soft, thick and fluffy brush use for soft function of color, shade, highlights or blind under the eyebrow and into the middle area of the eye.

The Sigma eye brushes work with what they’re supposed to be. By how the brush is designed the plainness of the black color shiny and smooth brush handles made out of wood which allows you to manage and control the stroke of the brush to the right pattern of your eye. You can really see the difference between the lower price brushes and the good one because some of it won’t last because of its quality.

While the Sigma Makeup Brushes is not like any other brushes and it is highly recommended by most of the expertise, to be honest on the regular basis they have not exposed any wear and tear so far. Some of the eye shadow brushes may not be frequently used, it is not because it has something to do with the future sometimes the brush just does not compatible or does not work for all eye types. The human eye is very unique in their own little way so it still good to know what suitable brushes for your eye is. Since Sigma Performance eye kit has different brush types you still have the chance to explore and try every eye shadow brush has to offer.

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