Sigma Beauty Flat Kabuki-F80

Sigma F80 comes with many amazing features that you always wanted to have in a makeup brush. Its not an ordinary brush that just helps in makeup application, it is something more than that. It’s like an assistant that makes your job easier.sigma flat kabuki-f80

Main features, dense and flat

Because sigma flat kabuki has dense bristles, these enable it work more efficiently. It lets you apply makeup perfectly covering entire area. Normally, thin brushes leave some space empty giving streak-like effects. This is not the issue with sigma f80 brush. Its large number of bristles is especially added to make it more practicable and easy-to-use. Type of bristles is Synthetic Sigmax.

Functional and user-friendly

If you want to apply buffed makeup base, flat kabuki brush is an ideal choice for you. It allows even coating of foundation without making patches anywhere. It is perfect for professionals, who want to have no flaws in their work. It can also be used by novice because they are usually not well-trained to use average-quality brushes. It will do most of the job by itself and you just have to move hands sophisticatedly all around until entire face and neck is nicely covered.

Going deep with sigma flat kabuki brush

Normally, some tiny curves in face are left when applying base. It is because ordinary brushes come with hard bristles that can’t bend and reach such places. Sigma f80 brush is smart enough to go to every nook and corner of the face. The area of the chin that lies just below the lips, is often left because of indentation in it. The same way, skin at sides of nose bottom is also difficult to access. But this is not the case with Sigma f80. It has flat top that is soft and can easily bend to reach those areas too.

Any type of makeup

Whether you are applying cream foundation or liquid version of it, Sigma f80 brush will make it all plains sailing. It will allow you finish it within minutes. It can be used for any type of base and results are simply awesome. Some brushes are designed for liquid foundations and others for oil-based, but this is a versatile brush that can work with any kind.

Easy to grip

Being only 7.5 ounces in weight, Sigma F80 brush can be held smoothly while working with it. Its light-weight feature is an added benefit that helps get a perfect foundation application in no time. So, petite women and teens can also hold it comfortably without any trouble.

Long-lasting base

When you apply base using Sigma F80, the staying power of it is enhanced incredibly. You can spend all day and come back home in the evening with base still fresh as it is applied just now. This is a great and most amazing benefit of the brush. Usually, there are complaints of base getting faded or vanished after a few hours. But, you will never have this issue if you apply a good-quality base suitable with your skin type using this fantastic brush.

This feature makes it a must-have for women, who spend most of their time outside, like in office. It is also perfect mate, if you travel a lot and want to keep the base in perfect condition after several hours.

Dark side

Despite all its great features, Sigma F80 may perform poor sometimes. Some users have complaints that they got too thick and uneven layer of makeup using this brush. Others believe its features are exaggerated and hardly meet their expectations.

Excessive shedding

After using brush for several weeks, its brush can shed off heavily, making it thin and low-quality. Obviously, few bristles give a clumsy look when foundation is applied. So, it needs to be replaced. But, it is not feasible to get a new brush every few weeks. Beware all buyers. If you need the brush for 2 or 3 weeks only, this is fine. But, those looking for a long-term tool should not prefer having it as its bristles will begin losing.

Before you buy

Consult a friend or any other person, who has been using Sigma f80 brush for quite some time, because its features can be best described by those, who have experienced it.

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