Though improving yourself does not really mean applying makeup, for most women, make up gives them the confidence to face other people. Makeup brushes come in different varieties. Also, it is also provided according to parts and uses. Therefore, the article will show you best makeup brushes used in different parts that will surely help you improve yourself and attract other people.

Let’s start on top. Flat stiff brush is used to apply color on the lid. Its stiff bristles let you push the eye-shade through the base easier. Also, it allows you to stick the makeup on the lid.

Next would be dual ended lash brush. One end of the brush has sole which allows the user to brush her eyebrows. On the other hand, the other end has an angled brow brush which is used in filling the eyebrows with powder especially if you are aiming to have defined and very crisp eyebrow.

Face brushes becomes the most important among all. It is available in the market in different shapes including angled ones, fluffy and round. This brush is mainly used to enhance and give emphasis on the person’s cheekbones. You can apply thin or thick makeup depending on the contrast needed by a particular person.

Which Makeup Brushes Allures You More?

The most attractive and alluring makeup brushes cannot just be designated according to its look, but it can easily be identified through where it is used. Basically, applying makeup is mostly focused on the eyes because as we all believe, eyes can speak thousands of words. Therefore, with proper makeup application in the eye, you can already have direct connection with everyone.

To single look and a few seconds of glance, your eyes can speak for you. So, the most important, attractive and alluring makeup brushes can be the eyelid brushes. It has a small and pointed tip that allows the user to easily put the makeup without over-applying. Also, it offers you soft or sometimes a bristle tip that allows you to do little movement when applying makeup.

In addition to this, some eyelid brushes can also be used in other parts of the face especially on the cheek, even if it has a little size. Therefore, owning this one has been just enough to apply makeup all over your face.

Also, there are lots of reasons why eyelid makeup brushes can be the most attractive and alluring among all. One of these is making your eye the best eye among all the visitors attended the party. With best eyelid brushes, the makeup will adhere for long hours in your eyes. In this way, the way you look before going into the party will be your similar look when leaving. So, you do not have to get into the comfort room once in awhile to for retouches. All you need to do is enjoy the party and be confident in the way you look.

Though there are lots of several brushes that can satisfy the attractiveness of this one, the part where it is being used for makes so much difference. With talking eyes, through makeup brushes application, gives a lot of reason why this one deserves to be counted in.

Best Makeup Brushes

Warning: Effects of Low Quality Makeup Brushes on the Skin

Applying morning makeup routine aims to improve and give shine to your appearance. However, this goal becomes unachievable when you choose low quality makeup brushes. Though not all low quality makeup brushes do not cause any effects on skin, or they seem very much harmless, some of them great cause destruction to your skin. With this, your goal to improve yourself is reversed. In fact, you can have skin diseases like acne, irritant contact dermatitis, allergic contact dermatitis and many more.

Most often, makeup does not cause any major side effects to skin aside from the early – morning frustration that a person can get when applying it. But, it can sometimes cause fewer skin reactions are not long-lasting or severe. So, there will be no big problem with this. However, if makeup already caused acne due to low quality makeup brushes, you started to face the big dilemma of applying makeup. Though it is not directly caused by the makeup itself, the tools you used in makeup can as well provide you skin diseases especially if these are not reliable and made up of low quality materials.

Therefore, it is not a wrong thing to buy low quality makeup brushes but you must always be ready for the consequences that it may bring you. Though it is bought to make you look good, it can actually ruin your whole life since it can provide you skin diseases that will not only last for days.

Perfection And Beauty Is Felt Through Makeup Brushes

Women are always conscious about their looks, especially when going out on a date or when just attending the party. They choose their best dress or even buy a new dress just to attend a simple party. Along with their elegant and best dress, they as well prepare themselves in terms of looks and appearance. Those who do not have enough skill in applying makeup sometimes ask for professional help or go to the beauty salon to ask some makeup application service. On the other hand, some with enough knowledge in applying makeup will try to find the best makeup brushes that could help her look so beautiful.

Aside from top quality makeup, top quality makeup brushes greatly affect the beauty of a person. Proper makeup application does not only depend on the skills of a person, but the tools used in the application also give a great shot on a person’s appearance. Thus, before going into the party, all you have to do is to find top quality makeup brushes in order to ensure that you will look elegant and beautiful for a long time in the party. These top quality makeup brushes can easily be found in department stores and can easily be found over the internet.

Top 6 Most Attractive Best Makeup Brushes Reviews

Makeup brushes are available in the market in wide variations. However, if you are expert in applying makeup, you can easily distinguish which among the makeup brushes are the best and the most attractive ones. This article shows you top 6 most attractive makeup brush.

  • Large Powder Brush

This is a typical soft powder, big and fluffy brush. It is best used in applying powder on the cheeks to truly give emphasis on the cheekbone.

  • Makeup Show HO2

This is another typical powder brush that is slightly smaller than a large powder brush. Also, its bristles are as well thinner. It is very luxurious and soft on the face especially if it will be applied with smooth skin.

  • Tapered Highlighter Brush

It is smaller and nice powder brush that is greatly used with highlighting products because it is not too dense.

  • Coastal Lip Brush

It is a very inexpensive and generic lip brush that can perfectly cover thin-sized lip.

  • Concealer Brush

It is perfect for concealing under-eye circles and redness.

  • Foundation Brush

This offers fluffy bristles that can cover the whole cheek when used. This will allow equal distribution and application of foundation in the face.

Sigma Essential Kit Review

Sigma Beauty Essential Kit review

Sigma Beauty Essential Kit – 12 ct

Receiving Sigma Essential brushes instantly made me love them. As what anyone said about it, it is really very similar with MAC Cosmetic Brushes. Also, the numbers of Duped are provided in the kit including Blush Brush, Large Angled Contour Brush and many more. The kit offers professional and high quality soft brushes. In fact, as you observed each brush, you can truly say that the brushes were tapered and hand sculpted to perfection.

With a total number of 12 brushes, you can greatly enjoy the service that it can provide you. With all these brushes, good-looking appearance is truly insured. The kit consists of 5 brushes specifically used for the face. In addition to this, 7 brushes are available to use for eyes. All these brushes can be used using from anything and from appealing gel, powder to cream products. Applying and blending eye shadows are made with flawless and precision application.

Sigma Essential Kit includes Eyeliner-EO5, Small Angle –E65, Tapered Blending- E40, Larger Shader-E60, Pencil-E30, Eyeshading-E55, Medium Angled Shading – E70, Concealer –F20, Larger Angled Contour- F40, Duo Fiber –F50, Foundation Brush- F60 and Large Powder Brush – F30. All these brushes are made to turn you into near perfection.

Therefore, Sigma Essential Kit is worth to have since it offers you a perfect set of makeup brushes. With this, you do not have to look for brushes from other stores because all you need is already included in the kit. Definitely, Sigma Essential Kit belongs to the best makeup kit that everyone must have.

Sigma Synthetic Kabuki Kit 5 Brushes Review



Since foundations were introduced, people are in continuous search for best makeup brushes that will help them in application method. Though there are far many variations available in the market, every foundation demands for a different makeup brush as tool for its application. Basically, the brush needed in applying a foundation depends on the foundation’s formulation as well as to user’s personal preference.

So, when good reviews about Sigma Synthetic Kabuki Kit 4 Brushes became the word of mouth of everyone, the sales also reached its peak. In fact, most makeup enthusiasts tried the service that this product can provide and they have proven that this kit can become the best kit in applying foundation to the face.

Sigma Synthetic Kabuki Kit offers 4 thick and nice-looking brushes. Basically, these brushes differ on tips. Different types are basically designed to apply particular makeup into different contours of the face. The fibers offer extremely soft texture that provides a perfect tool to use in applying foundation in the face.

Another good thing is the duration of time that the brushes take to dry. Definitely, good brush may offer long duration time to dry in order to greatly absorb the makeup substances and in order to perfectly transfer the makeup to the skin. Therefore, if you prefer having a brush with sufficient drying time, the 4 brushes included in the Sigma Synthetic Kabuki kit are the best brushes to buy. Do not waste your time finding another set of face brushes because this one can perfectly apply foundation onto your sweet and smooth skin.

SHANY Bamboo Brush Set Review

SHANY Bamboo Brush Set with Premium Synthetic Hair, Bamboo Handles and Cotton Pouch review

SHANY Bamboo Brush Set with Premium Synthetic Hair, Bamboo Handles and Cotton Pouch

Having SHANY Bamboo Brush Set gives me a lot of confidence attending very special occasion for the reason that it is a very good makeup brush kit that will apply makeup perfectly.

The SHANY Bamboo Brush set is a vegetarian brush kit. It can perfectly handle solid synthetic hairs. Definitely, it offers the perfect combination of quality and aim. The kit includes pouch where you can easily put all kit brushes. In addition, the pouch as well as the brushes is all washable. In fact, you can even wash them with shampoo and dry it with an iron.

People who will be able to see this kit over the internet may encounter some hesitations because it only has a little number of reviews. But since it is made with organic products, it can still greatly attract more buyers. And that is really true because among the reviews, most of them got attracted by the fact that the product is made with bamboo touch.

The makeup brushes included in the package perform well with powder make up. In fact, they apply makeup evenly and smoothly.

With prices, you will never expect that these brushes are so good due to its cost effective price. Therefore, spending low while giving you and providing you the best service definitely sounds good.

Aside from giving you the best makeup application result, it can also deliver ease in carrying because it is provided with pouch. This is where you will put all the brushes. In this way, your makeup kit is carried in an organized manner.

Sigma Essential Kit – Mrs. Bunny Review

Sigma BBLU Mrs. Bunny Essential Makeup Brush Kit review

Sigma BBLU Mrs. Bunny Essential Makeup Brush Kit

There are numbers of beauty items that are easily obtainable these days and among those popular beauty items, Sigma Essential Kit – Mrs. Bunny is one of the best. It is not only one best beauty product to buy, but it is also one of the best beauty products that can transform you into the best definition of beauty.

Sigma Essential Kit – Mrs. Bunny includes 12 brushes. These brushes come from the best-selling product of Sigma. Also, it has the ability to utilize Sigmax HD filament.

Definitely, appraisal and acknowledgment must be given to Sigma for giving the person’s genius makeup brushes concept. Also, people have to thank Sigma for giving them comfort and convenience for both home use and when out for a trip since the kit offers a great way of organizing the brushes. Organizing is made easy because it provides you with two cups. One cup can be used in handling eye brushes. On the other hand, the other cup can be used in handling the face brushes. With this, there will be no confusion and you can easily locate the brushes according to their use.

Surely, everyone who has this kit feels so wonderful and impressed. Also, since it offers good color combination of blue brushes handle and pick ferrules, it can be the perfect kit to bring outside. With this kit, there will be no hesitation in showing them to your friends. In fact, this can be your best asset especially if you are fond of applying makeup.

SHANY Pro Vegan Mineral Brush Set

SHANY Pro Vegan Mineral Brush Set with Pink Clutch review

SHANY Pro Vegan Mineral Brush Set with Pink Clutch

Pink pouch and top quality brushes offer a perfect combination to reach elegance and beauty. SHANY Pro Vegan Mineral Brush Set is made with organic materials. Therefore, side effects and worst skin conditions are greatly reduced. So, skin sensitivity and allergic reactions already have solution through this makeup brush set. There will be no more excuses for allergic people not to wear makeup when going out, or excuses that they cannot come into a special occasion because they cannot fix themselves properly. With Shawnee Pro Vegan Mineral Brush Set, you can gain confidence that nothing will happen even if the huge amount of makeup is applied to your face.

However, Shany Pro Vegan Mineral Brush Set requires you to pay more, which is just enough for the service that it can provide every user. Also, this cannot just be seen out from the market because they want to preserve the quality of their products. In fact, as you visit the department stores, you can rarely see stalls that sell this brush set. Therefore, in order to buy this, you have to research for recognized and authorized stores. This is actually a good idea of the company because it greatly ensures the quality of the service that their product can give.

So, having this will not put you in regret feeling because once you see the result, all your sacrifices as well as your money will surely be worth it. Try this brush set now!

Clarisonic Skin Cleansing Review

Clarisonic Mia 2, Facial Sonic Cleansing Brush review

Clarisonic Mia 2, Facial Sonic Cleansing Brush

Although these days makeup cleansers remove all dirt and traces of makeup on your skin, the latest product, Clarisonic Skin Cleaning brush requires an additional step in cleansing your skin. This additional step means exfoliating your skin further. Therefore, if you are not contented with the service that your current cleansing brush, it is better that you change it right away, since there are more cleansing products that are better nowadays. In addition, if you are so obsessive about skin care and really looking for simple ways that will keep your smooth skin in moist and tip-top condition, this product is one good item to buy.

Clarisonic Skin Cleansing brush can clean deeply, that allows the user to get rid of blemishes and blackheads. Also, many reports given by the users tell that their pores become smaller due to prolonged use.

Aside from the best service you can get from the product itself, the department’s customer service is known for being the most wonderful to talk with especially if tools are broken or if something is needed for replacement. With this, all buyer’s concerns are greatly and well-entertained by the department.

Unlike other skin cleansers, this may need enough time to give its results that is basically not a downside of the product. Of course, giving best results are not easy, but after a few weeks, you will surely praise the product for making your skin similar to a skin of a baby. It will become moist as before. It feels smoother. And it feels like a newborn. Surely, this will not make you feel regret for waiting for several weeks.