E.L.F. Studio 11 Pieces Brush Collection 12 Ounce

Fundamental it may seems to explain why you need to consider using makeup kits in the first place. Different makeup brushes represent different shapes, the more largely or smaller the area of your face you are working on the larger or smaller the brush you should use. The main tool here is the hand of the makeup artist. Without it you couldn’t achieve the result you want to accomplish. A brush only distributes balance and evenly foundation or color to your face. Your hand may be too big or small to achieve the look you have been planning to create; this is why we need to use brushes. It also more sanitized not to transfer some bacteria to your face from random makeup artist’s hand. This will also help preserve the makeup kit by not adding some body’s natural oil by using your hands directly to it. Just comparing it to foods you would not want anybody touching your food just like that right?

The E.L.F Studio 11 piece brush collection comes with smooth non-scratchable clothing material of the E.L.F pouch. A zipped type of protective sleeky compartment of the E.L.F studio brushes holds it safety with an exceptional round design and trendy style. The E.L.F Studio 11 piece brush set are all made from synthetic bristle and can be used with damp or dry products.

E.L.F. Studio 11 Pieces Brush Collection 12 Ounce

The E.L.F Studio 11 piece brush collection consists of:

  1. Complexion Brush – Powder application it can be pressed, loosed and translucent. Also for applying blush or bronzer.
  2. Fan Brush – used for blending and contouring. It can sweep out eye shadow fall outs and get rid of the unwanted lines.
  3. Concealer Brush – creates and even, smooth full coverage of blend concealer to the eyes and face. Best for primer, foundation and cream products.
  4. Smudge Brush – used for more accurate and detailed color application. Best for creating smoky eye effect.
  5. Angled Foundation Brush – it allows reaching the smaller area of the face and giving an angled shape and flawless coverage.
  6. Powder Brush – ideal for liquid foundation, blush and bronzer
  7. Small Angled Brush – an accurate and precise eye liner. Use to fill in your eye brows.
  8. Small Precision Brush – used for lip color, eyeliner and reaching the hard parts in your faces
  9. C – Brush – ideal for transition of color and packing color on the eyelid.
  10. Blush Brush – a tailored cut brush use for maneuvering color application, also for blush and bronzer application.
  11. Contour Brush – use all over in the eyelid; highlight the brow bone and applying eye color on the crease.


This E.L.F 11 piece brush collection may be not the one of those items we are looking for or the most popular brand in cosmetic industry but based on how it perform it works just fine. Just like any other this collection is suited for anyone specially beginners. Definitely a must try item because this brushes are good quality too but don’t expect the whole set to be very functional cause time goes by you gradually update your current collection with the better quality. Overall the E.L.F Studio Brush is also a good deal, great for travelling with lightweight brushes, a handheld case, non-stainable, non-scratchable, zipper sealed and it open just like a book. The brushes are guards with protective plastic preventing from straying it bristles.


Money wise if you are planning to buy the whole set you have to make sure that its worth your money because if some of the brushes is no use at all you only pay for the name not its capability to perform its function. It is still your decision if you really want the product because some people are obsessed to have all the variety of makeup collection.  It must be a worthy obsession with quality skin care makeup. You may purchase it again but not really a must have stuff to consider with so many comparable cosmetic brand available. Unless it is offers for buy one and get one free its unconquerable deal to ignore. The E.L.F Brush Collection still offer a wide and different ranges that will be suited in people’s taste.


All these brushes will provide you the best streak with your best makeup kit. Surely, after using this set, you will become the most beautiful in the party or in every occasion you will attend to. Aside from this, this will lead for your popularity and for you to become the shiniest woman in your place or even in the world.

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