Privacy Policy

To Our Valued And Individual Clients:

Your privacy is the most important thing to us. One of our highest priorities is to maintain your confidence and trust to our site. With this, our site promises to respect all your rights especially in keeping all your personal information and details confidential since we very much understand that you desire to prevent any unwanted solicitations. A recently law gives us the chance to disclose our site’s Privacy Policy to you, which makes us even happier. We are hoping that by taking few minutes of your time in order to read this policy, you will be able to better understand what we are doing with the personal details and information you are providing us. Also, this will let you know how we keep it secured and private at all times.

  1. Types of Personal Information We Gather

We are collecting personal information. Definitely, we will have that information if you will provide us and give us authorization to know all those things. Most of the time, the information we get are being used to prepare personal income tax return. Moreover, it can also provide financial and tax planning services to you only upon request.

  1. Parties to Whom Personal Information is Being Disclosed

As a general policy, sites are not allowed to disclose personal information of the current clients as well as past clients to anyone. But, as permitted by law as well as according to Code of Professional Conduct, several nonpublic personal details can be disclosed due to following reasons:

  • To comply with enforceable subpoena and summons.
  • As part of threatened and actual legal proceedings or any alternative dispute resolutions.
  • To provide personal information to the affiliated firms as well as to nonaffiliated third parties.